Marriage has to be an unforgettable event, the most special day for the bride and groom!

Determinant in the wedding design is the choice of  the “wedding fil rouge” that will be reflected throughout the event, making it so unique.

The Fil Rouge is important to give harmony and homogeneity of the event. It must be a theme, a special idea that speaks of you as a couple: it will be declined in all aspects of the wedding to make it unique and unforgettable, both for you and for your guests.
It is the real touch that White Wedding Italy can offer: after an interview we are able, thanks to some simple questions, to understand what could be the common thread of the couple, to make unique and unforgettable wedding day! The Fil Rouge will give at the event the key to relatives and friends, catching the true essence of marriage. To identify it, is important to think of a favourite color, a passion, an hobby or a common interest. The choice has to be very weighted because once identified the underlying theme, all elements of the ceremony (invitations, floral arrangements, tableau, placemarks, menus, cake decorating , wedding favors and so on) will be inspired by this theme and express that style.

The result has to be surprising, engaging, harmonious, unique and reflects the couple’s desires.

Examples of Fil Rouge

"Under the snow"


"Tiffany & Co."

"The world of the fairies"


"Cats and Dogs"

"Our honeymoon"

"Local Delights"