Your wedding in Cortina d’Ampezzo

Cortina d'Ampezzo, thanks to the beauty of its mountains, is one of the most beautiful mountain resorts in which to celebrate your wedding!

Whether you love sports and are looking for extreme adventures or you are traditionalists and refined, Cortina is the ideal setting for your wedding. Several original proposals there are to satisfy your most particular passions. White Wedding Italy will think of everything and you can just relax and enjoy your day together with your guests.

Getting married in Cortina is possible!

"Cortina is the most beautiful place in the world", in the last years a lot of people have said, written, sung and painted the valley, from Hemingway to Montanelli.

Cortina is the Queen of the Dolomites, the mountains are unique in the world and declared a World Heritage Site, a heritage to preserve and enhance, it represents an excellence not only Italian.

Cortina is the only Italian town to be part of the Best of the Alps, the association that brings together 12 of the finest resorts in the Alps mountains.

Cortina is a hidden treasure: a world where ancient arts, traditional crafts and the many craft workers living in a strength and excellence without equal.

Cortina is a chic place, exclusive but not excluding, anticipating trends and trend, thanks to the concentration in a small space of a large number of shops, boutiques and clubs.

Cortina is the ideal place for your wedding. It encloses a glitzy image, result of years and years of brilliant stories left by the many guests who arrived in Cortina fall in love with for a lifetime.

But Cortina is also an intimate  place , a small mountain town. A place to feel at home. Is the right place to return to catch his breath from everyday life and stopping to breathe.

An intimate wedding, but very chic!


  • For the beauty of the mountains
  • For the chic and exclusive place
  • For the refinement of the location
  • To feel like a snow queen
  • For the beauty of the summer valleys
  • For the white snow in winter